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E-tron Energy Bar.

Terminal Grindelwald.


High-quality interior design, industrial look and feel, and finest craftsmanship.

E-tron Energy Bar, Grindelwald BE


Bofor Design GmbH

Construction Management
Von Allmen Architekten AG

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Bar counter cladding made of textile glass "Carbon."
Shelf back made of wood-based material.

«The e-tron energy bar is all about the high-class electric SUV from Audi: high-quality interior design, industrial look and feel, everything that makes the e-tron unique. Accompanying this is an offering of drinks and food. Fancy cocktails, exquisite wines for wine enthusiasts, a wide range of hot and cold beverages, and a selection of tapas. This combination of high-tech and exquisite delights enchants every guest.»

(Jungfraubahnen, 2020,

Seat bench in leather/fabric combination.
Shelf made of wood-based material.

Francesca Alder, the CEO and owner of Bofor Design GmbH, combines aesthetics with functionality and allows materials and forms to interact. The design and lifestyle concepts are stylish, with a wow factor and a playful touch.

As traitional carpenters and partners for finest interior, we embrace these values in our work and support clients, designers, and interior architects exactly where they desire it.

During the interior fitting of the Audi «e-tron energy bar,» we were able to incorporate various selected materials, combining the bar front made of the textile glass «Karbon» with an elegant leather cover. The same leather is also found on the seating benches, combined with fabric from Création Baumann AG. The wall shelf and glass display were made of black wood-based material.

We are delighted with the result and extend our thanks to Grindelwald.

Francesca Alder - Bofor Design GmbH
Electrifying bar of the highest class. (german video)