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Since 1947

beyond surfaces. beyond carpentry.

We are your partner for the finest interior projects and experts in materials and surfaces – handcrafted in Switzerland – delivered worldwide.


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About us

Strasserthun is a partner for the finest interior projects and an expert in materials and surfaces – handcrafted in Switzerland, delivered worldwide. We make it possible to bring our customers’ creative ideas and designs to life in an authentic and tailored way using cutting-edge techniques (such as laser sublimation) and passionate craftsmanship. This applies to demanding private residences, exclusive hospitality, yachts, and aviation.

Our fascination with pushing the boundaries of design is the foundation of our reputation for innovation. Intensive creative exchanges with our clients and continuous exploration of possibilities lead to a constantly expanding collection of unique surfaces, materials, and products for exclusive interiors.

We create sensually luxurious environments radiating quality and artistic elegance.

Examples of projects we support, both in production and consultation, include exquisite interior fittings for residences on land, water, and air, VIP lounges for brands, sleep and wellness spaces for exclusive hotels, and high-quality design furniture, even for internationally acclaimed designers.

At Strasserthun, we offer you design freedom for your projects, combined with craftsmanship and technology, encompassing form, color, and materials. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

In brief:

Year of establishment: 1947

Number of employees: 73

Headquarters: Thun, Switzerland

Our History

In the late 1940s, Robert Strasser founded a carpentry workshop at Länggasse 53 in Thun. Since then, much has changed. Today, the Strasserthun company, now in its third generation of leadership, is a partner for the finest interior projects and is recognized as an expert in materials and surfaces.


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Angelina Allenbach
Sven Baldesberger
Sebastiano Barone
Lars Baumgartner
Andreas Brügger
Daniel Bruni
Michael Burkhart
Annique Buser
Thomas Christen
Ruben Donath
Monika Eicher
Christoph Elsaesser
Hans Rudolf Fahrni
Stephan Feller
Beat Friedli
Jana Ganahl
Pablo Garcia Machaca
Thomas Gerards
Nicola Germann
Stefan Gertsch
Andreas Gosteli
Christian Grüne
Stefan Haldimann
Sven Hänni
Jürg Hofstetter
Sascha Kessel
Candy Kläy
Dario Kunert
László István Laukó
Martin Liechti
Stefan Mathys
Willi Matzinger
Linda Matzinger
Benjamin Maurer
Anita Moser
Beat Müller
Lea Neuenschwander
Christoph Neuhaus
Björn Oehrli
Philip Opere
Daria Pesenti
Serge Pietsch
Pashk Quni
Daniel Reichenbach
Heinz Rindisbacher
Matthias Rohrer
Alexander Rufibach
Rolf Sahli
Daniel Salzmann
Patric Schenk
Thomas Schlagenhauf
Peter Schlapbach
Désirée Schmutz
Therese Schönthal
Mario Schuoler
Marcel Schwander
Erich Spring
Christian Stähli
Heinz Stegmann
Fabian Steiner
Isabelle Strasser
Samuel Tschudi
Thomas Wagner
Mischa Wälti
Dina Wälti
Roger Weber
Niklaus Wiedmer
Petra Wyss
Michael Zbinden
Patrice Ziörjen
Raphael Zürcher


Passion, exclusive craftsmanship, quality, demanding design, and innovation resonate with you as significant and exciting? Are you drawn to a growing company that offers unique opportunities and an international work environment that nurtures and challenges?

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  • Carpenter Summer 2026


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