A family business.

In the third generation.



In line with the expansion of our international activities and the creative evolution of our unique Sublidot technology, Strasserthun is undergoing a rebranding. As a partner for Finest Interior and experts in materials and surfaces, we are continuing to grow and merging our unique expertise that has been developing since 1947 into a distinctive offering for interior and design projects that demand a high level of creativity, uniqueness, and exclusivity.


In addition to our local showrooms 6 and 58 (formerly Point 6 and Point 58) in Thun and Zurich, we are expanding our presence through fruitful collaborations with renowned partners such as Apure and Silent Luxury Living in Palma de Mallorca, as well as Fameed Khalique in London, establishing new locations to serve our customers in Spain and England.

The showroom 58 in Zurich is being revamped and transformed into a unique (smart) hub for designers, architects, and interior experts, providing them with a central point for their needs and interactions.


Launch of the brand and innovative process technology «sublidot by strasserthun.» With Sublidot®, we are able to venture into a new dimension of surface design. This enables us to create absolutely unique works of art and projects.



In the trendy Zurich district of «Chreis Cheib,» the showroom «punkt58» is opening its doors at Bäckerstrasse 58. Now, you can experience materials with all your senses in Zurich as well.



The showroom «punkt6» (now «Showroom6») in Thun – a revolution in material diversity and advisory expertise. Strasserthun creates a unique space where materials and creative surfaces can be experienced with all your senses. This allows for the efficient planning and execution of design and interior projects in a short timeframe while maintaining the highest quality.



Strasser AG Thun is evolving into the brand «strasserthun.» In addition to material consultations and high-quality interior fittings, it now also offers its own furniture collection.


The company is transitioning from the second to the third generation. Isabelle Strasser is the new owner of Strasser AG Thun and remains the sole owner with a vision for the future.



The company is expanding and relocating all its external offices and storage facilities to Bierigutstrasse 18 in Thun.



Heinrich Strasser’s son enters the business. Together with his wife, Katharina Strasser, they acquire the carpentry workshop and equip it with machinery for interior fitting purposes.



Occupation of the premises at Feldeckstrasse 33 in Thun and the establishment of a new workshop.



Robert Strasser establishes the construction carpentry business at Länggasse 53 in Thun. By 2023, it would grow to over 70 employees and become an international partner for Finest Interior, as well as an expert in materials and surfaces, serving as a point of contact for designers, architects, and interior specialists.