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Talsee Furniture front.


In collaboration with Strasserthun, Swiss bathroom furnisher Talsee has created a special edition furniture front. The laser-sublimated 3D surface «texture» – designed by Lianel Spengler – expands the Talsee material range, adding a tangible character.

Bathroom Furniture Front

Lianel Spengler


MDF lasersublimated, painted with a glossy finish.

as Collection Talsee

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Furniture Front

The furniture front «texture» has been enhanced using the laser technology «sublidot by strasserthun.» The process delicately and precisely transforms it into a three-dimensional surface structure. This creates bathroom furniture that stands out both visually and haptically – an invigorating contrast to the smooth surfaces of washbasins. And it enlivens the ambiance of the unique bathroom.

«A play of alternating smooth and rough textures, shadows and light, receding or protruding surfaces […]»

(Talsee AG, 2022,


Das Design

«The irregular regularity of the crystalline-looking surface is characterized by variation and precision. Clear geometric lines with a playful arrangement reminiscent of topographic landscapes complete the design. The aesthetic breaks with traditional structures, making the design uniquely captivating […]»

(Sinngemäss Talsee AG, 2022,

The characterful surface - "texture" by Talsee

The Designer – Lianel Spengler

«I like to create» is his motto. Born in Zurich in 1979. He completed his Industrial Design studies at ZHdK in 2006. Since 2017, he has been a self-employed product and graphic designer, and since 2019, he has been an Art Director and partner at the Zurich creative agency “Evolve.” With a broad spectrum of experiences in fashion, graphic, product, editorial, and brand design, he considers himself a true all-rounder. Lianel Spengler draws inspiration from his surroundings with an open-minded perspective.

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As a designer, I find it fascinating to achieve new results in design through technological innovations.
Lianel Spengler, Product- and Grafphicdesigner

About Talsee

«At talsee, we greatly value creating unique spatial experiences and, together with you, design your very own personal sanctuary. At our headquarters in the heart of Switzerland, nestled in the Lucerne Seetal region, we develop bathroom furnishings with a high standard of quality and durability. Our motivated teams ensure smooth processes, excellent service, and comprehensive customer consultation every day, going beyond national borders.»

(Talsee, 2022,

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