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Sky Lounge.

The Ebikon Visitor Center.


When Swiss precision elevators and escalators meet our craftsmanship, a lounge is created that is sensually experiential.

Sky Lounge, Schindler Ebikon LU


Kepenek GmbH

Construction Management
Hägi Riatsch Architektur

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Witness the interplay of materials such as oak, metal, and lighting that make the Sky Lounge so distinctive, and get in touch with us if you also want to discuss your design ideas, customer, and interior projects with us.

Wall cladding in galvanized metal, iron.
Wall cladding in galvanized metal, brass.

«For the new Schindler Visitor Center, we have designed the exclusive ‘Sky Lounge.’ Here, the guest encounters a unique overall experience. Schindler’s future vision of creating and building smart mobility solutions in urban mega-cities becomes visible and tangible here.

However, the project also embodies the company’s core values: quality, precision, and innovation. Selected materials such as hot-rolled steel, natural stone, glass, and wood create a distinctive atmosphere in the space and meet the high standards of quality, durability, and Swiss tradition. The interplay of different elements and expressions runs like a common thread throughout the entire concept, evident on various scales, both small and large. The ‘Sky Lounge’ captivates not only through the dialogue of materials as a spatial composition but also through its flexible usability.»

(Mia Kepenek, 2020,

The guest encounters a unique overall experience here.
Wall cladding with LED lighting, stained oak, acoustically effective.
Wall claddings stained oak, artistic niches genuine metal polished.
Stained oak wardrobe.
Stained oak bathroom furniture, wall mirror in polished metal.

About Mia Kepenek

In 2012, Mia Kepenek founded her own studio for Corporate Architecture, Interior Design, and Design in Zurich. Her diverse background also plays a crucial role in her work: after training as a carpenter, she initially studied architecture, interior design, and then scenography. She worked as a stage designer and scenographer in theater and film productions before dedicating herself entirely to her passion for interior design.



«Complex tasks require individual and contemporary solutions. Our spatial stagings are deliberately timeless and characterized by an individual, often unconventional approach that can vary greatly depending on the multifaceted requirements of a project. In our projects, it’s always about highlighting an individual identity. Atmosphere cannot be measured, but together, we can shape it.»

(Mia Kepenek, 2020,

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