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Hotel Royal St. Georges.



Detail-oriented. Laser-sublimated: Unique boutique hotel with intricate details for unforgettable stays. Laser-sublimated craftsmanship that brings boundless design ideas to life.

Hotel Royal St. Georges, Interlaken BE


KXS Architektur AG

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KXS Architektur AG

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Bed headboard made of black MDF, laser-sublimated, silver-colored lacquered.
Room partition furniture made of anthracite powder-coated MDF.
Desk made of anthracite powder-coated MDF.

«21 hotel rooms with en-suite bathrooms are receiving a completely new look. Within the venerable walls of the Hotel Royal St. Georges in the heart of Interlaken, contemporary spaces tailored to an international clientele are being created.

Furniture and materials have been individually designed and crafted for each room»

(KXS Architektur AG, 2020,

Bathroom furniture made of anthracite powder-coated MDF.
Detail: Towel cutout seamlessly integrated

When KXS designs spaces, conceives houses, and brings objects to life, in the end, an emotion, a story, is always built. ‘A story about you and your needs. We nourish our passion when we listen to you. And we dedicate all our experience to your desires. In the beginning, it’s a dialogue between you and us. And ultimately, between you and your object, between user and environment. A dialogue that constantly surprises with originality, convinces with functionality, and overwhelms with its entirety.’ says Kuno Strasser, CEO and owner of KXS Architektur AG.

The fact that the office doesn’t seek self-expression but rather the client’s desire and does so through analysis, concept, thinking, and reflection aligns with our way of creating. Thus, the passion and finesse towards the people who get to use, inhabit, and enjoy the object are always palpable.

As design-partners and craftmen, we cherish these values and support builders, designers, and interior architects exactly where they desire it.

We are pleased with the outcome at Hotel Royal St. Georges and say thank you.

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