Who we work with

Over the years, we have built a network of esteemed partners and collaborated with renowned brands, some of which we would like to introduce to you below. You can find detailed information on their respective websites.

I.M. PEI Foundation.

In 2023, the I. M. PEI Foundation organized a benefit concert in Apulia to help to save monumental Olive Trees, devastated by Xylella. Strasserthun collaborated with the Foundation in different ways and produced a give away, which was more than that and inspired by I. M. PEI himself, who said: “I want to bring out the best in a community and contribute something of permanent value.”

We produced something in our way – with our technology – which fitted the aspect of permanent value and takes place in the living rooms of the visitors of the concerts. A piece of art.

See informations about our art piece

See the I. M. PEI Foundation

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Apure. Lighting concepts that are unrivaled.

In every project, there is an unspoken language and harmony that must exist between the spaces and the furnishings within them. Our partner, Apure, is an expert in lifestyle lighting concepts and a pioneer in light design. It emerged from the necessity to bridge the gap between functionality and form, without disrupting the language and overall design of the space. In collaboration with the world-renowned Porsche Design Studio and a team of engineers, our partner’s lighting concepts ensure the perfect staging of designs and create a space experience that is unmatched.

In the Silent Luxury Living showroom in Palma (Mallorca), you will find variations of these lights and fascinating Strasserthun and Sublidot patterns for your next interior or design project.

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Fameed Khalique

Text coming soon.

See Fameed Khalique & our Showroom in London

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