Concrete look.

Lightweight. Enhanceable with our laser technology.

Mineral mass from natural marble sand. Lightweight and flexible. Various formwork textures and colors, enhancable with our laser technology. Scroll through a selection now and envision the classic concrete look laser-etched for your projects.


What can be achieved with this that was previously impossible?

Concrete look

Trowel finish surface

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Light grey concrete texture, laser-sublimated - 0000000604
Light grey concrete texture, raw - 0000000603
Dark grey concrete texture, raw - 0000000606
Light brown concrete texture, raw - 0000000610
Beige concrete texture, raw - 0000000607

With the goal of creating a concrete look that also feels like concrete, this trowel technique was developed. To refine the classic concrete appearance frequently needed in interior and exterior projects, our unique laser technology is employed.

The flexible mineral mass made from natural marble sand is applied 1 to 2 mm thick on a substrate. The resulting concrete look is very lightweight and can be used in various forms in interior design without the need for complex techniques. The surface is protected from fingerprints and dirt with a special coating without altering its tactile qualities. The concrete look is available in various formwork textures and colors.